(Plasma and Advanced Structure Accelerator Interest Group)


Eric Esarey (LBNL), John Power (ANL), Vitaly Yakimenko (SLAC), Carl Schroeder (LBNL), Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi (Stony Brook), and Warren Mori (UCLA).


The purpose of this interest group is to organize and coordinate community input for the Snowmass process via AF6 (Accelerator Frontier - Advanced Accelerator Concepts) on the topics of plasma-based and advanced structure-based accelerators. This includes accessing the status of current R&D, formulating an R&D strategy that addresses the near, mid and long term plans, reviewing and revisiting the advanced accelerator roadmap, and organizing and coordinating the writing and submission of white papers to Snowmass. This will involve coordination with the Snowmass Frontiers (e.g., Energy Frontier and Theory Frontier) on various topics, such as possible collider options (e.g., gamma-gamma and electron-positron) for very high energies (>10 TeV).

Meetings will be scheduled for once per month, or as needed.

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