Poster Instructions

Poster Presentations Overview

Each attendee may submit one poster.

Posters will be available for viewing by registered participants throughout the Seminar Series. We do not anticipate the realtime poster session found at in-person conferences.

Deadline: Posters may be uploaded at any time. Submitting them as early as possible gives your fellow attendees plenty of time to read them.

Pathway from Posters to Orals for Students and Postdocs: A limited number of student and postdoc posters may be selected for oral presentations by the Working Group (WG) leaders from among the poster submissions made by November 18th. If you would like your Working Group leaders to consider adding you to the oral program, please upload by November 18 and contact them by e-mail.

Due to the Zoom format and the limited time available, we regretfully do not anticipate having contributed talks from researchers beyond the postdoc level this year.

Formatting Your Poster

A "poster" for this event is a slide deck of no more than 10 pages, in the slide-presentation style you would normally use. For maximum cross-platform usability among our diverse users, please make and upload a PDF rather than the original.

Each should begin with a title page including:

  • Title

  • Corresponding author and email address

  • Appropriate working group

Submitting Your Poster

You will receive a username and password for our ftp site by e-mail. When your poster is complete and ready to submit:

  • Make a PDF version. We suggest following this file naming convention: AAC20-WG#-CorrespondingAuthorLastName.pdf

  • Go to

  • Enter the username and password you received by e-mail

  • Go to the folder for the appropriate working group and upload your poster

What Happens Next?

  • AAC Seminar Series staff will monitor the folders and, after consulting with the Working Group leaders to ensure the proper classification of each one, make the posters available through this website.

  • We will not send out confirmation e-mails. Please contact us if you do not see your poster on this website within two working days after upload.